Taylor Gang In Canada.

As a huge hip hop fan & being a positive person thats likes to do whatever it takes to be successful I'm a fan of Taylor Gang which is a record label that demonstrates just that. 

Recently on June 14th Chevy Woods, A Taylor Gang artist rolled through for a show with upcoming artists as openers for him. After following Taylor Gangs social media for a long time, I began to get inspired by their photographers, this started to happen months back in the fall, What was inspiring was the low light photography and how they were able to make a photo look so good. 

After researching lenses, and studying proper settings I actually had the opportunity to shoot at a local Halloween Electronic event in Oshawa called ' Black Out ' My good friends Cameron Andrew & Aidan Gratton hooked me up with that opportunity and I was able to practice my low light photography at that event and get some pretty clean photos and was very impressed with my results. 

After experimenting many different ways of capturing an image in low light conditions, I then had the opportunity to shoot at Chevy Woods Concert recently and attached below  are my favourite results from the show: 

After feeling so grateful for security allowing me to bring my camera in to the show, I became to move around and get comfortable and was able to get some really good angles of Chevy's performance. 

I posted photos later that night after the show, and I woke up to Chevy retweeting it and Taylor Gang, As well as Chevy showed some support for my photo of him by re-posting it and following me. It was really inspiring to know that an organization of such interest to me had seen my work that I had put out, to me it just showed that you can achieve anything if you put that effort in and work hard, you can get it, and i'll always tell myself that. 

Later that week, Wiz had his Toronto stop of the Boyz Of Zummer Tour, and of course after having a success at Chevy's show with getting camera gear in, I was interested in getting some shots at Wiz's show, Although I was sitting by the lawn. 

I had asked several concert photographers, called the venue, and even tried to contact people from Taylor Gang, but the only way it seemed for me to get my camera in was to get a media pass, so I was un successful in getting my gear into the venue.

However, as the show went on I seemed to be pretty bummed as my inspirations were right in front of me on stage, and as a photographer I wasn't able to capture these moments. Mid set, I had seen Wiz's security running with him, and completely forgot that he pops up in front of the lawn for a part of his set!

Sure enough I looked up and he was right there, I ran down to the front of the lawn, and opened my Camera app on my iPhone, having him that close I was able to get some clear pictures and videos from my view, as the app kind of helped me get my settings right as apposed to the actual iPhone camera which is considered Auto settings generally.  

Another huge thing for me to finish the night, was just seeing BOTH of my Inspirations, that being Wiz, and his Photographer Dan Folger, It was just so cool to see two people right in front of you who mean so much to your growth in something you wanna be successful in, and they just make me realize that anything can happen if you just do what you want and are doing it the right way. 

Would just like to thank Taylor Gang and everyone from it that make these amazing experiences happen show by show, year by year, you guys truly are inspiring to me and can't wait to see what the future has in store for y'all!

Hope everyone else enjoyed reading and seeing my experiences, I have more blogs in the works and i'm currently trying to not let them pile up so be on the look out!

One Love! :)


#SDWALKS - Street Dreams Magazine Photo Walk

Ever since I joined Instagram 3 years ago, a lot of things have seemed to impress me about the app, but more recently one thing that has stood out to me, is the connections, opportunities and support you come across when you take it serious from a photography standpoint. 

About a year ago, I got invited to my first ever Instagram Meet and I never knew what it was all about so my good friend Cam Bartlett (@snappedbycam) explained to me that it was a photo walk for a hub that features local photographers work through sharing it and tagging them. Once I heard that it was sort of like a community, all the Toronto photographers gather and meet each other, exchange handles and basically just create together, I thought that was the coolest thing ever! So I went, and it was such an inspirational experience to be able to hear what other people think about the whole process of connecting through the app and to gain knowledge on things I had no idea about.  

Recently the Street Dreams Magazine crew rolled through Toronto on a very rainy weekend, for a photo walk with several other local movements and it was one of the best turn outs i've ever seen. 

Street Dreams Magazine  is a quarterly photography publication and full service content creation studio they are mainly based out of New York and have several people a part of the team that have very incredible work, and it was a huge pleasure to be able to meet, and share stories with those people. 

After travelling through the streets for a bit, we came to City Hall, where just as we began shooting, the rain began to come down on us more and more, We then headed under any shelter seen, and after not seeing any signs of stopping people began to head to the underground path.

  @lastminutehabits prepares to help create with the photographers

@lastminutehabits prepares to help create with the photographers


After a fairly short walk through the underground, we finally came across something decent to shoot, known by many Brookfield Place a pretty cool building with many different shades of blue light, which made it cool for some indoor shots as the dark skies shined down on us. 

We actually attracted security with our huge crowd! They had came with 3 guys, and after negotiating and continuing to create, we ended up going outside where slowly people began to branch off, and the rain slowly began to stop leaving some cool affects on the ground for photos with the dampness and puddle reflections.

My self and a hand full of other new/old faces branched off for a walk through the skywalk to shoot in the well lit tunnels that it offers, the theme of this day was certainly dark and cloudy, so I hope you can get a moody kind of vibe off these images.

After it began to clear up slightly, to end off the day, it made for some good photos of the cloud cover over the CN Tower. 

I had a really amazing time at this meet up, I met some really inviting people, heard some very inspirational things, and began to understand the dedication it takes to connect with the right people, I had chats with people from Hong Kong, New York, and Chicago, so to say that those people came to Toronto for the release of Street Dreams Magazine Issue .006 is a good feeling and it's an honour to be able to photograph this city every day. 

I hope everyone else had a great experience on the walk, and for the people that were not able to make it out to this one, I hope this blog can give you a short recap and that you can get out to next year and upcoming walks! 

One Love!  

Rise Above

After exploring by feet most parts of the city, you start to wonder, what the city could look like from many different angles, or maybe even levels? 

I really do mean it when I say that seeing this city from above is certainly a breathtaking experience that certainly changes your thoughts on life, and appreciation of being able to spend time in such a great city. 

The feeling you get when you take the last step up the staircase and see the tops of buildings, literally below you is an unexplainable feeling, all you have with you is a rush, your camera and the city. 

Being on the roofs looking upon this city is my version of reading a book, I get up there I get my camera I explore all aspects and angles of the area, and I teach myself things to hopefully make every photo better as the shoot goes on, this is also my version of peace, when i'm up here, literally nothing else matters but doing my job and that's capturing the moment that is happening at that time. 

From left to right you look, there's roads that seem to never end, street lights as far as the eye and see and you can see the storms clearing away and this is why it's my passion to photograph this city. 

I can't imagine what I would do if it weren't for photography, it truly does open your eyes to see every single thing happening around you, it's importance, and sometimes you just want to give back to something that has given you many lessons, memories and helped you grow in something that you feel you can take on the rest of your life adventures with you and that is this city. 

I've always been one to want to experience it, not listen to someone tell me I can be experiencing it. My message to anyone who would like to get a movement going with anything hands on related is to get out there yourself, and just do it, no matter what it throws at you is what is going to get thrown at you anyways, you have to try, and you have to learn and that is the one thing that has helped me get to the stage where I feel satisfied with my experiences of exploring my nature and that is photography.  

To conclude this blog, I would just like to give a huge thanks as always to every one who supports what I do, and supports these series of photos I share with you through Instagram. Support is something certainly needed in an any kind of art, you need those people there to tell you that they don't like your work, you need those people who also tell you what can be improved on and fixed for next time, and you obviously need the people who tell you that they appreciate what you do, but honestly to say that I have all 3 of those kinds of support with what I do is what really wants me to keep going with this!

I assure you I will, I have a constantly running mind of ideas, and I often don't know where to start, But as long as I can keep myself going with things, they will all be available one day and out there for everyone!

 Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

 Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

I hope my moments created a moment of enjoyment for you! Share these with your friends, refresh your mind and enjoy! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

One Love!

Toronto Island Exploration | Spring 2015 Thaw

Recently took a trip to the Toronto Islands to explore and catch a sunset. Sure enough, kept a close eye and my ears open and heard, of course, the huge ice blocks melting off the lake, this sparked my interest to capture my travels into the island on the boat, I then continued to my way onto the Island to explore it's many relaxing features and views. 

Catch this video for the experience. 


We experienced a very intense cold front with winds of high speeds later into the shoot and managed to find a spot right in the sun with some trees and a house to block the wind while we got the blood flowing some more.  


 The houses here were very small, and most of them seemed temporary for people that want to escape the city life in the summer and come to a place that gives you a more relaxing atmosphere, this house was un occupied. 

The houses here were very small, and most of them seemed temporary for people that want to escape the city life in the summer and come to a place that gives you a more relaxing atmosphere, this house was un occupied. 

We collected some warmth and continued our way and all were satisfied with our sunset images of the skyline, and ended the evening before dark with dry hands but a smile on our face to end the day of course :) 

 Hope Everyone is getting outside and enjoying the warmer spring temperatures! 

Hope Everyone is getting outside and enjoying the warmer spring temperatures!