Rise Above

After exploring by feet most parts of the city, you start to wonder, what the city could look like from many different angles, or maybe even levels? 

I really do mean it when I say that seeing this city from above is certainly a breathtaking experience that certainly changes your thoughts on life, and appreciation of being able to spend time in such a great city. 

The feeling you get when you take the last step up the staircase and see the tops of buildings, literally below you is an unexplainable feeling, all you have with you is a rush, your camera and the city. 

Being on the roofs looking upon this city is my version of reading a book, I get up there I get my camera I explore all aspects and angles of the area, and I teach myself things to hopefully make every photo better as the shoot goes on, this is also my version of peace, when i'm up here, literally nothing else matters but doing my job and that's capturing the moment that is happening at that time. 

From left to right you look, there's roads that seem to never end, street lights as far as the eye and see and you can see the storms clearing away and this is why it's my passion to photograph this city. 

I can't imagine what I would do if it weren't for photography, it truly does open your eyes to see every single thing happening around you, it's importance, and sometimes you just want to give back to something that has given you many lessons, memories and helped you grow in something that you feel you can take on the rest of your life adventures with you and that is this city. 

I've always been one to want to experience it, not listen to someone tell me I can be experiencing it. My message to anyone who would like to get a movement going with anything hands on related is to get out there yourself, and just do it, no matter what it throws at you is what is going to get thrown at you anyways, you have to try, and you have to learn and that is the one thing that has helped me get to the stage where I feel satisfied with my experiences of exploring my nature and that is photography.  

To conclude this blog, I would just like to give a huge thanks as always to every one who supports what I do, and supports these series of photos I share with you through Instagram. Support is something certainly needed in an any kind of art, you need those people there to tell you that they don't like your work, you need those people who also tell you what can be improved on and fixed for next time, and you obviously need the people who tell you that they appreciate what you do, but honestly to say that I have all 3 of those kinds of support with what I do is what really wants me to keep going with this!

I assure you I will, I have a constantly running mind of ideas, and I often don't know where to start, But as long as I can keep myself going with things, they will all be available one day and out there for everyone!

Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

Photo By: Cameron Bartlett (@snappedbycam)

I hope my moments created a moment of enjoyment for you! Share these with your friends, refresh your mind and enjoy! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

One Love!