Taylor Gang In Canada.

As a huge hip hop fan & being a positive person thats likes to do whatever it takes to be successful I'm a fan of Taylor Gang which is a record label that demonstrates just that. 

Recently on June 14th Chevy Woods, A Taylor Gang artist rolled through for a show with upcoming artists as openers for him. After following Taylor Gangs social media for a long time, I began to get inspired by their photographers, this started to happen months back in the fall, What was inspiring was the low light photography and how they were able to make a photo look so good. 

After researching lenses, and studying proper settings I actually had the opportunity to shoot at a local Halloween Electronic event in Oshawa called ' Black Out ' My good friends Cameron Andrew & Aidan Gratton hooked me up with that opportunity and I was able to practice my low light photography at that event and get some pretty clean photos and was very impressed with my results. 

After experimenting many different ways of capturing an image in low light conditions, I then had the opportunity to shoot at Chevy Woods Concert recently and attached below  are my favourite results from the show: 

After feeling so grateful for security allowing me to bring my camera in to the show, I became to move around and get comfortable and was able to get some really good angles of Chevy's performance. 

I posted photos later that night after the show, and I woke up to Chevy retweeting it and Taylor Gang, As well as Chevy showed some support for my photo of him by re-posting it and following me. It was really inspiring to know that an organization of such interest to me had seen my work that I had put out, to me it just showed that you can achieve anything if you put that effort in and work hard, you can get it, and i'll always tell myself that. 

Later that week, Wiz had his Toronto stop of the Boyz Of Zummer Tour, and of course after having a success at Chevy's show with getting camera gear in, I was interested in getting some shots at Wiz's show, Although I was sitting by the lawn. 

I had asked several concert photographers, called the venue, and even tried to contact people from Taylor Gang, but the only way it seemed for me to get my camera in was to get a media pass, so I was un successful in getting my gear into the venue.

However, as the show went on I seemed to be pretty bummed as my inspirations were right in front of me on stage, and as a photographer I wasn't able to capture these moments. Mid set, I had seen Wiz's security running with him, and completely forgot that he pops up in front of the lawn for a part of his set!

Sure enough I looked up and he was right there, I ran down to the front of the lawn, and opened my Camera app on my iPhone, having him that close I was able to get some clear pictures and videos from my view, as the app kind of helped me get my settings right as apposed to the actual iPhone camera which is considered Auto settings generally.  

Another huge thing for me to finish the night, was just seeing BOTH of my Inspirations, that being Wiz, and his Photographer Dan Folger, It was just so cool to see two people right in front of you who mean so much to your growth in something you wanna be successful in, and they just make me realize that anything can happen if you just do what you want and are doing it the right way. 

Would just like to thank Taylor Gang and everyone from it that make these amazing experiences happen show by show, year by year, you guys truly are inspiring to me and can't wait to see what the future has in store for y'all!

Hope everyone else enjoyed reading and seeing my experiences, I have more blogs in the works and i'm currently trying to not let them pile up so be on the look out!

One Love! :)